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Lifestyle Management


Former Forces Support's programmes provokes awareness of habits of thinking, feeling and doing while challenging you to make active choices to shape your experience. Our instructors promote forming relationships that provoke you to discover the clarity, courage and commitment you need to change your lifestyle to deepen the connections that matter you. 

Our instructional staff are experts in:

  • Teaching students new coping strategies of how to deal with stressful or challenging situations either in school or with family life.

  • Removing negative or self-limiting beliefs. 

  • Changing negative or destructive patterns of behaviour and habits.

  • Reducing stress and anxiety and feeling generally calmer and more in control of life. 

  • Increasing confidence and self-esteem. 

  • Create a positive, focused & productive mind-set, achieving better results in all areas of life.

  • Feeling happier, more engaged and enthusiastic. 

  • Creating positive social skills. 

  • Increasing the ability to listen and communicate effectively.

  • Teaching the importance and impact of quality sleep.

Our coaching will:

  • Improve focus and deal with distractions

  • Grow confidence in athletes who have doubts

  • Install a healthy belief and identify irrational thoughts

  • Improve motivation for optimal performance

  • Develop confidence in athlete’s ability

Our instructional staff will make the programme challenging and rewarding. The sessions will be light, humorous and energising. At the same time it will be difficult and challenging involving difficult questions and looking around for alternative perspectives. It can also provide some solace while at the same time evoking individuals to move forwards. Our staff are experienced in stretching comfort zones to enable people to learn about themselves. 

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