Prison Officer Development Programme

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Improving performance within prisons.

Through personal coaching and development, officers will receive the tools and guidance that will enable them to see a marked improvement in their performance when operating at all levels. As a member of their prisons 'Leadership Team' the reality is that their personal attitude, performance and confidence determines their success and how effective they are at their job.


As with all our training the main emphasis is on working closely with you to encourage and coach how you see barriers and improve your resilience. With our support and guidance you will more openly and effectively deal with people, work more closely together and develop a greater ability to motivate to achieve results.

The programme covers:


  • Enhanced self-confidence and communication skills

  • Improved application of core leadership skills within your prison 

  • Increased self and team motivation

  • Greater trust and team work

  • Making self talk positive, Becoming Resilient

  • Regain a more effective work-life

  • Understanding Stress and Resolving Conflict

A number of our instructors have a background as senior management staff working in prisons and working for the Home Office.


On a whole Prison offers are enthusiastic for change and want to play a role in helping people turn their lives around. Our Prison Officer Coaching Programme provokes awareness of habits of thinking, feeling and doing while challenging both experienced officers and recruits to make active choices to shape their performance and wellbeing. Our instructors will form a relationship that provokes learners to discover the clarity, courage and commitment they need to increase confidence in their ability to cope with the stress of working in a prison.

Our instructional staff are experts in:


  • Teaching students new coping strategies of how to deal with stressful or challenging situations either in school or with family life.

  • Removing negative or self-limiting beliefs. 

  • Changing negative or destructive patterns of behaviour and habits.

  • Reducing stress and anxiety and feeling generally calmer and more in control of life. 

  • Increasing confidence and self-esteem. 

  • Create a positive, focused & productive mind-set, achieving better results in all areas of life.

  • Feeling happier, more engaged and enthusiastic. 

  • Creating positive social skills. 

  • Increasing the ability to listen and communicate effectively.

  • Teaching the importance and impact of quality sleep.

Prison life is a very emotional experience for both staff and prisoners.

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