Supporting and coaching for teachers

Inspiring Individuals

Our instructors are experienced in working in a high stress environment. They will facilitate coaching teachers by providing personalised professional support through dialogue designed to aid the in developing specific skills to enhance their teaching performance.

Our coaching programme covers:


  • Removing negative or self-limiting beliefs

  • Increasing confidence and self-esteem 

  • Reducing stress and anxiety and feeling generally calmer and more in control of life

  • Changing negative or destructive patterns of behaviour and habits

  • Create a positive, focused & productive mind-set, achieving better results in all areas of life

  • Feeling happier, more engaged and enthusiastic

  • Creating positive social skills

  • The ability to listen and communicate effectively

  • The importance and impact of good quality nutrition and sleep

The Elite Teacher Programme introduces new coping strategies of how to deal with stressful or challenging situations either in work or family life.

The instructors were fantastic. I now have much more confidence and feel that I can now deal with any situation that arises.

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